This course provides a comprehensive overview of macroeconomic issues. The determination of output, employment, unemployment, interest rates, and inflation are studied. Monetary and fiscal policies are discussed. Important policy debates such as, the sub-prime crisis, social security, the public debt, and international economic issues are critically explored. The course introduces basic models of macroeconomics and illustrates principles with the experience of the U.S. and foreign economies.

TextbookMacroeconomics – OpenStax free pdf.  A different textbook may be used with instructor’s approval. Supplemental Khan Academy video course: Macroeconomics

Grades: HWs 50%, tests 30%, participation & presentation 20%

Course schedule, Readings, HWs

1.    Choices, costs & benefits, production possibilities (ch 1, 2, 20)

2. How are prices, wages and interest rates determined? (ch 3)

3.  GDP: Total production and real income  (ch 6)

4.   Economic growth  (ch 7)

5.    Unemployment  (ch 8)  

 6. Inflation  (ch 9)

7. AS-AD model  (ch 11,12,13)  Midterm test

8.  Fiscal policy (ch.17)

9.    Money and banking (ch 14) 

10.    Monetary policy (ch 15)  

11. Investing in the stock market 

12. Presentations,  7-10 min.  Final test

Give us a short lesson on any topic related to the class. This can be a policy issue in healthcare, immigration, poverty, inequality, debt, foreign trade, etc.   Read an article or listen to a podcast, do online research.  A brief discussion of a book on an economic issue would be welcome too.

Econ sources to choose an issue:


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