Course Description

This course will introduce you to economic policy debates around the Euro, financial crises, debt, deficit, policies of austerity and quantitative easing, trade imbalances, inequality, prosperity and the role of the government in the economy.  We will examine some non-mainstream ideas in economics, learn to challenge and critique established thinking and methodology, and evaluate alternative approaches. We will analyze the debate on austerity, the origin of financial crises, the crisis in the Eurozone, inequality and labor market policies.

Use links to course modules to access module outline, readings, activities & assignments. Each of the 6 modules is 2 weeks long.  Module 7 (not shown here) is a final project.  One paragraph proposals should be posted on the project discussion board for instructor’s comments before the end of Module 6.  Students are expected to post their completed projects during week 13-14 of the term and comment on each other projects during week 15.


Final Project

The goal of this project is to develop expertise in a narrow issue related to the economic analysis of current events and policies.  Select one of the issues that drew your attention throughout this course (make sure it is sufficiently narrow to fit into a 10 page paper), and research it in  more detail.  Your research question can be a version of one of our discussion questions for any of the modules.

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