Business Analytics

Business analytics is the use of data, information technology, statistical analysis, quantitative methods, and mathematical computer-based models to help managers gain improved insight about their business operations and make better, fact-based decisions.  This course will introduce students to concepts and tools of business analytics.

Recommended textbook (not required): James Evans, Business Analytics: Methods, Models, and Decisions, 2e.

Course outline and assignments 

Module 1. Intro to analytics, Excel basics  
Module 2.  Functions: IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF
Module 3. Functions:  VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX
Module 4.  Data visualization
Module 5.  Pivot Tables 
Module 6.  Applied statistics 
Module 7.  Forecasting time series data
Module 8.  Regressions and financial forecasting 
Module 9. Business modeling: What-if and Solver tools  
Module 10. Advanced data visualization  
Module 11. Web Queries and Macros

Further study