Business Analytics & Info Management

Business analytics is the use of data, information technology, statistical analysis, quantitative methods, and mathematical computer-based models to help managers gain improved insight about their business operations and make better, fact-based decisions. An information system is a network of hardware and software that organizations use to collect, filter, and distribute data. This course will introduce students to concepts and tools of business analytics and management information systems.

Recommended textbook:

Laudon and Laudon,  Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm (13e).  ISBN 9780133050691    Older 12e is ok.

Course outline and assignments 

Module 1. MIS and global business 

Module 2.  Strategy

Module 3. Ethical Issues in MIS

Module 4.  Infrastructure and emerging technologies

Module 5.  Business intelligence, databases

Module 6. Telecommunications and the internet

Module 7. Securing information systems

Module 8. Operational excellence: Enterprise Applications  

Module 9. E-commerce

Module 10. Managing knowledge 

Module 11.  Enhancing decision making 

Module 12. Building IS and Managing projects

Extra resources