International Political Economy

International Political Economy studies the ways in which political forces (states, institutions, individual actors) shape society’s economic interactions, and conversely the effect that economic interactions (shaped by markets, resources, incentives, money) have upon political structures and outcomes.  Topics include globalization, international trade, economic growth in developing countries,  protectionism, financial systems,  multinational companies and international institutions. The course is based on online resources. Contact me:

Textbook (free online) : International Political Economy: An Introduction to Approaches, Regimes, and Issues, by Timothy C. Lim .  Questions and answers at the end of the book will help you in HWs.

Modules, study links, HWs

1.  History, theories and economic systems  

2.  Globalization   

  • read ch 3

Statistics links:

3.    Trade

4.  Global financial system

5.   Transnational production, FDI, development

  • read ch 6


6.  Development strategies

basic facts,trends & measurements:
trade and development:

geography and development: 

institutions & other factors of development:

7. Inequality, poverty

8. Global governance

Final project

The purpose of this term project is to develop expertise in a narrow topic within IPE. Your topic may be inspired by current events and their economic implications.  In evaluating your paper, I will be considering: Is it well organized? Well researched, including both sides or a possibly controversial issue? Does it have a clear theme or thesis? Are sources adequate and cited properly? Are the arguments developed coherently?  Current news provides lots of inspiration for debatable topics.  Examples of research questions:


Extra resources

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