Tech tutorials

Before you start Technology and Economy course, do the following

1. Create a Google+ Account:  Google Accounts Page

2.  Send me an email from your gmail account so i could add you to Technology and Economy Community on Google+.  Or request access via Google+:  Go into Google + Community page. Type “Technology and Economy” in the search area and see if our private group pops out. Click “ask to join” button. Voila, you joined our discussion site. Here is an example of someone searching for a community called “ESCEngage”:

3. (optional, you may choose to use this later in the course) Learn how to use Google Drive to share a document. Log into Google Drive from your google account. Once you are in, click on New on the Menu bar and select which type of file you would like to create, use Document option. Google Drive will then open a new window that will allow you to create a word processed document.  For information on how to share your document click here: Sharing Google Document. As you can see, you can add people by typing the email addresses of the people you want to share with. You can also choose if you want them to edit, comment, or view your document. In addition, you can keep the document private, share it with anyone (only people who are given the link will have access to your document), or make it available to the public.

More Resources on Document Sharing:

4. (optional) Record a voice file with  (you will need to create an account on  

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