History of Economic Thought

This 2 cr independent study is based entirely on free online videos. It covers the history of economic thought up until the “Marginal Revolution” in the 1870s. The following questions are explored in this course:  Who were the first economic thinkers? What are the very origins of economic thought? What did earlier economists understand but has been lost to the modern world? Why is Adam Smith the greatest economist of all time? What exactly is his “Wealth of Nations” treatise about? How did the economic issues of the 18th and 19th centuries shape the thoughts of the classical economists?


1. watch all videos at Great Economists : Classical Econ and Its Forerunners  by  Cowen and Tabarrok

2. for each video write a paragraph about what you have learned from it.

3. take the final test at the end and send me your results, can be taken more than once.

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