Statistics is the art and science of collecting and interpreting data.
This introductory 4cr course will covers the basics of descriptive statistics, sampling, estimation, correlation, regression and hypothesis testing.  After completing this course, students will able to interpret data, identify trends and analyze patterns to solve business problems, design and analyze basic statistical studies, and understand and criticize statistical methods in journals and the media.  Examples and methods are drawn from social and natural sciences, business, and public policy.

Textbook:  Stats: Modeling the World, by Bock, Velleman, De Veaux

Topic, readings, videos, sample problems, HWs

1. Data, variable, samples and surveys (ch 1,2)
2. Describing and displaying data (ch 3-5)
3. Normal distribution  (ch 6)
4. Correlation and regression line (ch7-8)
5. Gathering Data (ch 11-13)
6. Basic probability (ch 14-15)
7. Probability models (ch 16-17)
8. Inferences from samples to population (ch18-19)
9. Hypothesis testing (ch 20-22)
10. Inferences about means (ch 23-25)
11. Inferences when variables are related (ch 26-27)

Extra topics not currently covered in this course:

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